We connect your people to your business’ future through learning

About Us

Uniquely designed for, and dedicated to, pharma and life sciences

apio is the first workplace learning company dedicated to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, supporting a variety of functions:

  • R&D and clinical
  • Commercial and medical
  • Legal, regulatory and compliance
  • Operations and support services
  • Manufacturing, quality & supply chain

apio is part of Ogilvy Health UK

Connecting your people to your business’ future through learning

At apio, we enable our clients to realise the value of modern workplace learning programmes that connect the needs of their business to those of its people. Our offer spans three key services:

  • Modern workplace learning strategy
  • Creation of digital learning experiences and performance-support resources
  • Learning impact measurement enablement

Learning that connects to measurable business impact

Through our programmes, we:

  • Change conversations about how learning delivers measurable value
  • Create learning experiences that reflect a true connection between your business and your people
  • Maximise learning technology for its ability to personalise, reach and provide measurable insights


We can help you to address your business challenges and opportunities through a bespoke workplace learning programme.

Functional area specific challenges:

  • R&D and clinical
    • Trial management and recruitment
    • Ethics
    • Reporting and monitoring
    • Artificial intelligence and blockchain in discovery and productivity


  • Commercial and medical
    • Communicating value
    • Product knowledge
    • Patient-centric storytelling
    • Understanding healthcare provider decision-making
    • Sales force capability transformation
    • Digital and social media skills
    • Stakeholder management and facilitation
    • “Glocal” team effectiveness


  • Manufacturing, quality and supply chain
    • Digital transformation in supply chain management
    • Labelling and quality control
    • Operating safely
    • Drug chain security
    • Technician/operator skills

Managing risk:

  • Compliance
  • Competition law
  • Health and safety
  • Ethics, CSR and sustainability
  • Data protection/cyber security
  • Medical information reporting
  • Records management
  • Diversity, inclusion and wellbeing

Business transformation:

  • Measuring learning impact
  • Learning ecosystems
  • Digital transformation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organisational restructures
  • System and process rollout

People operations:

  • Talent attraction and retention
  • On-boarding
  • Culture and communication
  • Leadership development
  • Graduate programmes


We believe that healthy businesses and their people are all-learning versus all-knowing

The pharma and life sciences sector is undergoing transformation across several fronts with technology firmly in the driving seat.


With transformation comes the need to support pharma and life sciences workforces in keeping up with the changes and demands this progress places on their roles. The way we learn in the workplace is also changing with today’s workforce expecting learning to be personalised, findable, relevant and always on.


This expectation has often felt out of step with pharma corporate learning delivery systems as the main focus has been to promote compliance and standardisation.


Disconnections at the learning and capability level can disable a business’s ability to align its people to a common vision, execute with excellence and evolve.


In our whitepaper, we present opportunities for the pharma and life sciences industry to modernise workplace learning. We give an overview on trends and best practice, as well as practical steps that you can take to connect your people to your business’ future through learning.


An unrivalled combination of learning and life sciences expertise

As part of Ogilvy Health UK, our people work daily with world’s leading pharma and life science businesses and healthcare organisations, supporting them on their quest to deliver transformational value to patients through their medicines, devices and service solutions.

Our workplace learning team of designers and consultants have worked on learning transformation and behaviour change programmes across the FTSE 100 landscape and public service.

Laura Ansloos

Laura Ansloos

Head of apio

Laura is a seasoned agency leader who has worked at the cutting edge of learning technology and healthcare project delivery. Prior to joining apio, Laura was Managing Director of LEO, a global learning technology firm. Her career began in medical education and she has held Client Service Director roles in global medical communications agencies Medicus International and Sudler & Hennessey.

Caroline Howe

Caroline Howe


Caroline is a healthcare agency leader with experience in driving agency transformational change and guiding clients through their ever changing business needs. Working across both promotional and educational disciplines, she has delivered many award-winning initiatives. Caroline is CEO of Ogilvy Health UK and also lead for the WPP Health Practice UK.



Learning Consultant

Raoul has broad experience in both designing and delivering digital training working with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Raoul has a breadth of learning design experience, from his work designing learning experiences for leading companies in the retail, airline, insurance and entertainment sectors. Using his cross sector knowledge and experience, he brings the best of each together to create effective online learning programs which deliver tangible results.


Director of Learning

Leigh has spent the last 12 years working in London-based, award-winning network healthcare agencies. In her role as Director of Learning she works closely with clients to deliver outcomes-based education and training programmes designed to improve performance and facilitate behaviour change.


Brain Sciences Centre

DDF leads our Brain Sciences Centre focusing on the psychology and neuroscience of decision making and behaviour. He holds the degree of Master of Science in Health Psychology and is particularly interested information visualisation and digital engagement. As such, he collaborates with faculty at Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London, Imperial College London, Loughborough University and Warwick


Learning Platforms

Mark is a leading learning technology architect with 30 years’ experience in education and L&D. Recent assignments include leading the online learning platform component of two award-winning programmes for senior leadership in the health sector, and managing the selection and implementation of a learning technology platform for a global energy infrastructure company.


Digital Learning Strategy

Highly versed in learning strategy consulting, development and delivery of digital learning services. Myles is the former head of digital for the BBC Academy, managing professional learning and development functions for staff and the broadcast industry internationally. Much of his recent experience has centred around helping clients deal with the questions arising from digital change in learning & capability. He has worked with blue-chip organisations across multiple industries to develop their digital learning strategy.


Organisational Learning Strategy

Previously Head of Training and Development for PwC and KPMG in UK and Asia-Pacific. Richard is a qualified Business Psychologist and Chartered Accountant with PWC. He designs bespoke professional development curriculums and programmes for global organisations across all sectors.


Learning Transformation

Highly experienced learning designer and learning strategist, with over 30 years online and blended learning experience. Passionate about the use of all forms of new technology and innovative blended learning solutions.


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